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At Spex, we have made it our mission to challenge the ordinary. Through extraordinary precision and our exacting quality we strive to continually produce enticing experiences and lasting impressions. By infusing unsuppressed detail and creativity into the complete spectrum of new media solutions, from complex motion design for the web, to cutting-edge backend development, we are dedicated to one true principle-delivering to our clients the perfect blend of form and function.
Click to expand You never really get a second chance to make a good first impression... Often your website may be the first glimpse that potential customers have of your business. Using a blend of exquisite graphic and imaging layouts, with smooth multimedia type action, we can setup an online presence on the global virtual market place - the world wide web that visitors can't just resist.

Multimedia CD-ROMS are made up of a combination of text, graphics, pictures, video, audio and animations, all choreographed together in one single module and put on a CD-ROM. These could then be deployed on several media such as projectors, information kiosks, or the classic computer monitor. Multimedia CD-ROMS could be used for product showcases, presentations, digital year books and many more.


E-Commerce is taking off as one of the premier uses of the internet. Virtually every medium to large company in countries where the internet is popular have taken the opportunity to transfer their traditional businesses online. Spex Solutions provides full service e-commerce solutions including order management, system integration, e-marketing etc.


3d is fast becoming a part of our everyday life, from 3d for the web to animated movies and commercials, the creativity business has received a profound acceptance. Spex Solutions strives for the best representation of her clients through our skill and expertise required to carry out 3d projects from inception to finish.


A major part of our effort is put into the design of corporate print material which include calendars,
letterheads, business cards, magazines, brochures and branding material. Our artistic minds strive to
infuse dreams of visual achievement into every client endeavour thus people get glued to and connected with our works


Logo is one of the main means for creating a corporate image. A good, eye-catching logo attract more and more customers. As one of web site designs services, Spex creates impressive logos in various styles of graphic design following your requirements and considering the nature of your business.

We take every project seriously no matter how small. We push our creative capabilities to the limit to provide the best solution.